All-new @MST3K episodes to come to…




  • zamoose says:

    With Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day aboard, though, I worry about the SJW-ification.

    • Aruges says:

      I also worry that it won’t have the upper midwestern charm. The writing staff is way more coastal.

    • Compound says:

      You might want to avoid Frank’s Twitter feed. Just a heads up.

      • Aruges says:

        Most of the cast is pretty left of center, save for Mike, but Frank is, well, Frank. “Avoid X’s twitter feed” is a standard rule for life, IMHO.

  • Compound says:

    And there is a bit of (non-political) controversy here. The MST3k Kickstarter got about $5.7 million in funds, and one of the pledge levels was for downloads of the all the backed episodes. Roughly a quarter of the folks who backed the project backed it at that level. And having all the episodes of Netflix immediately makes that a lot less valuable.
    As one of the backers at that level (and someone who sprung for DVD copies too), I’m a bit miffed, but honestly, I backed to get more MST3k and the digital level provided Joel with the most money going in and the least going out. And we still get more show, which was kinda the point.
    I am concerned though that the Netflix style of binge watching is also not the best choice for MST3k. From watching a lot of Turkey Days, I know that I laugh less the more I watch. Having time between episode release just to recharge the viewer’s humor reserves would probably benefit the show.

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