The ‘The Great Wall’ trailer. The VERY CONFUSING trailer.

12 thoughts on “The ‘The Great Wall’ trailer. The VERY CONFUSING trailer.”

  1. Gentleman, I am afraid I have to invoke the Taggert protocol:

    “What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a goin’ on here?!”

    1. Apparently the Chinese decided to make a movie about how the Great Wall was put up to help wuxia adepts keep giant ravenous dragon-like critters out of China. Which, you know, OK. I’m there. Nothing more is needed.

      1. I am wondering if they are supposed to be dragons or like the Tyrannasaurus/Velociraptor hybrids from that horrid Godzilla movie.

          1. So .. you’re saying it was a mass delusion?
            Sorta like how everyone remembers Berenstein Bears, and Jar Jar Binks?

  2. As recompense for allowing the Taiyang Shen to assist in rescuing Matt Damon from Mars, we had to agree to him appearing in a Chinese epic.

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