My PJ Lifestyle piece on kids in RPGs.

Found here. Short version: you’d expect that you’d see kids more often in tabletop RPGs. I mean, they’re pretty much ubiquitous in real life.

One thought on “My PJ Lifestyle piece on kids in RPGs.”

  1. Except that when a band of murder hobos comes to town, I fully expect the parents of children to try and shelter them, and for streetwise children to make themselves scarce.
    But even well-intentioned PCs tend put NPCs in dangerous situations, often, while cheerfully oblivious to that fact. As a GM, I actively dislike killing innocents, so I largely keep “normal” kids away, so that I don’t have to. Even though I’m a simulationist at heart, I call this one an acceptable break from reality.
    Sure, they’ll run into the occasional overconfident adolescent who has listened to entirely too many ballads and legends for their own good.
    And they’ll encounter no shortage of gangbangers and other punks.
    But actual little kids? Not unless there’s a darned good reason.
    You did leave out my favorite archetype, though. The creepy kid who knows too much. There’s just so much potential with it, it’s ridiculous.

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