My PJ Lifestyles article on campaign cartography.

Found here. ¬†Short version: it’s about maps in RPGs, which will of course immediately spark an animated discussion about maps in RPGs, because people who play RPGs love them some maps. ¬†Seriously, it’s not quite universal, but the odds are good that any given gamer has, at some point, sat down and drawn a map or two. Or twenty.

It is the way of my people.


  • Luke says:

    Of course, if I’m running fantasy, any maps the players receive will be projections common in ancient or medieval times. They’ll be perfectly accurate, but not necessarily intuitive. (And in some cases, not at all helpful if you leave the roads.)
    Naturally, the ones for my use are a bog-standard Mercator. I don’t care about area, so that distortion doesn’t bother me a bit just so long as I get accurate distances, directions, and coastlines.
    They won’t always line up, and this is more-or-less ideal. Sure, as the crow flies it might only be forty miles across a mountain range. But as the crow walks, it can easily be more than double that.
    The antiquated projections I give to the players often are much better for answering the important question of “how much farther do we have to walk?”
    The ones for my use are more of the “what are the characters likely to encounter if they head in a random direction?”

  • AyMikey says:

    Link’s not working for me. FYI.

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