Oh, so they’re going to remaster all three Bioshocks.

Interesting. I have to admit: I was very disappointed by Bioshock Infinite‘s DLC. The ‘game’ – put in scare quotes because it was actually a linear story where you got to shoot things, which was admittedly fun – was good, but Burial at Sea just didn’t sing true to me. I liked Elizabeth. I didn’t think that it should have ended that way for her. And I couldn’t get my head around that weird combat challenge game DLC. I dunno why.

Still, if they remastered the first Bioshock maybe I’ll try to give it another whirl.

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  1. Bioshock Infinite: the game that combined the first-person shooter with the visual novel.
    I tried playing the first game, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get into it or enjoy it, and I’m honestly not sure why. I enjoy reading all the wikilore and such. I thought it was the combat system, but Infinite isn’t all that different, and I had no problem getting into and enjoying *it*.
    Maybe Rapture was just too dark and claustrophobic.

  2. Given the way Infinite was developed it’s really no surprise it turned out the way it did. Ken Lavine has done some marvelous work but Infinite really showed his limits as a writer and as a project manager.

    1. And I agree. Burial at Sea was not the way I wanted Elizabeth handled. There was no good reason to turn her into “Lizzy the Comstock Hunter” and have her jumping through tears to murder alt Comstocks/Bookers. And while I enjoyed the return to Rapture… it really highlighted how dull and empty Columbia felt in comparison and going right back to Rapture showed just showed out of ideas Levine was

  3. Infinite had two problems, in my opinion.
    First, it left Rapture behind. Big mistake. Huge. Rapture is an *amazing* setting, abandoning it was like .. setting an Elder Scrolls game in modern-day Las Vegas, or setting a Fallout game in ancient Greece… It Just Doesn’t Work.
    Second mistake, they left the combat mechanics behind. So .. in addition to it not *looking* like the other games in the series, it didn’t *feel*/*play* like ’em either.
    I get the decisions, but .. there’s a reason why I could use a new copy of Bioshock .. but Bioshock Infinite didn’t even get one full play-thru.
    This isn’t to say the first two were perfect .. they did some major retcon’ing to set the stage for the second one .. pieces that *should have been* in the first .. weren’t. I had the impression George Lucas was involved..

    1. I disliked the second one SOOOO intensely!
      I really hated that I could clear an area to no effect. Mobs would keep spawning in places they couldn’t conceivably get to. If I control the only entrance to a corridor, I ought not have enemies coming up behind me.

    2. I liked both of the first two, but took one look at Infinite and didn’t buy it. If they did a third game set in Rapture, encompassing the maps in the first and second games with maybe a little more stuff added on, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. *sigh* No Mac port. Of course.
    I don’t know what y’all are on about. I liked Infinite quite a bit. Really didn’t dig 2.

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