John Williams confirmed for the next Star Wars film.

I personally feel, by the way, that it’s probably time that we start the process of fixing the Star Wars numbering system. I understand that we cannot simply pretend that the first three movies ever happened, but there’s still no reason to reward failure. We need an alternate method for counting these movies.

Anyway… it’s official. John Williams is writing the score for the next Star Wars flick. “Masslive reports Williams “said he accepted the invitation from Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy mainly because he was enchanted by actress Daisy Ridley’s portrayal of Rey and does not want another composer scoring her scenes.””  Although I’m sure that the tons of money, adulation of fans, and the likelihood of yet another Oscar nomination probably didn’t hurt there, either.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, everybody understands that John Williams is basically this time period’s rough equivalent to Haydn and Bach, right?

8 thoughts on “John Williams confirmed for the next Star Wars film.”

  1. I guess we can’t number the prequels 0, because that’s ambiguous. I propose we renumber 1, 2, and 3 as -2, -1, and 0, which lets the original movie be #1 AND leaves us with a consistent ordering.

  2. What do you mean we can’t simply pretend they didn’t happen? YES. WE. CAN. 😉

    Of course, I’ve mentally replaced 1,2, and 3 with the Plinket Reviews. Shorter and more entertaining.

    1. I’ve started my 4 year old with A New Hope, which he refers Star Wars #1. I’m letting that fiction live, since I’d like to see how long I can go without allowing the prequels to exist in his universe.

      Also, thinking about the best time to move on to Empire Strikes Back. It seems a lot darker than A New Hope, so I think he still needs a couple of years.

    2. All things told, the music of the ….”other” movies was one of the things that *didn’t* suck. I’m glad Williams has the mojo to keep going.

  3. Mmmm…I’d say he’s more equivalent to Handel – more commercial. Although there doesn’t appear to be a record of Williams hurling a kettledrum at a violinist who displeased him.

  4. Well, at least there’s precedence for changing the numbering in Dvorak’s symphonies.

    I was originally going to go all knee-jerk reactionary on your comparison of John Williams the movie composer with Haydn and Bach, but after a while I began to see it your way. Not Bach, who didn’t get the credit for his composing genius in his lifetime, but Haydn isn’t too bad of a comparison. Popular, long career, and with the occasional tendency to go for the bombast.

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