Shadowrun 3e dropping in two different Bundle of Holding…s.

Broken down into Shadowrun Essentials and Shadowrun Sprawl. I may skip this one – I’m getting kind of backed up on PDFs – but as I understand it Third Edition Shadowrun still has quite the fan base. ┬áSo if you were looking to start/improve your collection, now’s the time…

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  • JAB says:

    Part of me really wants to get the Fat Dragon terrain set bundle. But (1) I haven’t been able to find a continuing game, so I don’t have anywhere to use them. (2) I’d have to go buy a new printer, since my current one is broken and I’ve been going elsewhere to print the one or two pages I need a year. (3) I’ve got an absurd amount of craft projects piled up already that I’m not doing.

    But, man, it looks cool.

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