New Martial Arts Style: Poet’s Recourse [GURPS 4E]

Poet’s Recourse (6pt)

This is not a martial art for those who wish to engage in combat.  No, this is a martial art for those who are reluctantly in combat, and who wish to exit it at the first possible opportunity. It assumes that the adept is wearing no armor – possibly, no clothes – and does not have much in the way of a weapon, either.  The martial art essentially teaches how to avoid getting hit while running away, preferably while your opponent’s primary weapon has been knocked out of his grasp.  It’s best used against opponents using melee who aren’t trying to kill the adept; against anyone with a missile weapon, all the training manuals advise, pithily, “Jump through the window.” Luckily, the style teaches how to do that safely. Or… more safely.

There is no cinematic version of this style, but those who wish to practice Poet’s Recourse are well advised to buy the Alertness, Combat Reflexes, or Danger Sense advantages – or, indeed, all three. Several levels of Charisma wouldn’t hurt, either.

Skills: Acrobatics, Climbing, Jumping, Melee Weapon (Knife or Shortsword), Running

Techniques: Acrobatic Stand, Breakfall, Disarming (Weapon), Evade, Retain Weapon (Weapon)

Perks: Improvised Weapons


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