My PJ Lifestyle piece on GM ‘gifts’ to players is up.

Found here. Short version: GMs shouldn’t always give gifts with strings attached. But it can be great fun when done properly.

One thought on “My PJ Lifestyle piece on GM ‘gifts’ to players is up.”

  1. It’s even more fun when the GM hands you an overpowered item.
    Sure, it’s an obvious trap, and actually using it will bring on a whole slew of complications, but it’s nice to have a “save the entire party” token in your back pocket.
    Even better, anything that hasn’t been used within four sessions tends to fall off the radar. So when you play that wildcard a year down the line to take the campaign on a hard right turn, you’ve got at least a session of open field ahead of you. 😂 Like when you perform a quixotic guerrilla raid on the slave pits of a decadent empire to free a member of the group. Then, after the guards have been quietly assassinated, you pull the rod of rulership from the bottom of your pack…
    (Oddly, that character started as a pacifist Enchanter without a single offensive spell. There was a great deal of effort expended by the GM to break the cutie, including a planeshift to the deadly decadent crapsack world. So it was only fair to invoke beware the nice ones and tranquil fury. (Also, there’s no kill like overkill.)

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