Movie of the Week: Deadpool (with a caveat).

Said caveat being Keep Deadpool out of the reach of children.  And by ‘children’ I really do mean ‘under the age of 18*.’  I’m still trying to figure out how to watch it again myself.  Possibly by buying a copy for the convention and watching it in my hotel room, or something.

…Yeah, that looked stupid when I wrote it, too.

Anyway: adieu to Zootopia.

*Sure, your kid can handle it.  I’m putting up the CYA disclaimer anyway.  Don’t let kids watch this film.


  • Luke says:

    My kids will be able to watch this movie*.
    *When they’re 30.
    (Seriously, it’s hilarious, but completely inappropriate even for older teenagers. Classify it with “Sin City”, another movie that really should have been rated X.)

  • Spegen says:

    I laughed a total of 5 times, most of that in the opening credits. I think this was one of those movies where is it was so hyped that when I watched it I was expecting more. Frankly I was glad when it was over, I achieved boredom.

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