Oh, bother: no end in sight to epic New Zealand techno-ninja arson case.

Or, as this New Zealand website put it: “Northland man denies burning down house but insurer refuses to pay out.”





How can you write a headline like that for a story like that?  You want people to read the story, right? You want them to hear about the Mission Impossible-style arson contraption that the prosecutors alleged. You want the readers to hear of the tangled web of conspiracy theories and lies that everybody involved would reference at a drop of a hat.  You want them TO KNOW ABOUT THE IRA AND THE PHONY PRIEST.

And the name. The name of the defendant in all of this is CHRISTOPHER ROBIN(son).  If you won’t make a bad pun based off of that name in the headline, why are you even in this business?

Via @HaydenDonnell.

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