So, yeah, I cooked two chicken breasts up using a whole stick of butter.

…What? ┬áDude, it tasted great. I watched over those chicken breasts like, hah!, a mother hen; and they came out perfectly. Not too dry, not too moist, just the right internal temperature: and, again, cooked in a whole stick of butter (and a little flour, and a little pepper, and a dash each of lemon and lime juice). It takes real skill to mess up something like that, and I did not*.

Problem is, I still have a bunch of the mixed butter/chicken juice liquid in the pan. Seems a shame to toss that; my immediate inclination is to dump it in Tupperware, freeze it, and pull it out when I’m making chicken soup from scratch or something. Anybody got a better idea?

Moe Lane

*The broccoli was disappointing, though.


  • Free Range Oyster says:

    You could use it as a base for a gravy or white sauce.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Not a bad call, either. I saved out the drippings from some chicken thighs I stove-cooked a couple of days ago; if I get ambitious to do a chicken stuffing later this year, that stuff could be useful there.

  • Rusty S. says:

    Yeah, gravy, and if you really want to do it like momma does, you’ll throw another stick of butter in the mashed potatoes.

  • Skip says:

    That’s a pretty good start for a bechamel sauce I’d say, and you can use that in lots of things.

    • Skip says:

      Responding to myself but I may have to do this. Mix in some flour and salt for a roux, some milk to make it bechamel and then melt some parm and other cheeses. Mix with macaroni noodles and some fresh herbs for really tasty macaroni. Add fresh bacon bits if you need protein.

  • Darkcloud says:

    Everything is better with butter.

    You could have added a little fresh lemon juice to the butter/chicken juice mixture, then added another pat of cold butter which would have thickened the whole thing up and wallah, a nice clean sauce.

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