Is a @Bioware BOOM coming down today? (Link to Playstation Meeting site)

Maybe: “BioWare could be revealing something during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting today, if a series of Twitter teases from developers at the studio are any indication.”  People are going “OOOH, Mass Effect Andromeda!” Or “OOOH, new Bioware IP! (Which would probably-maybe-possibly be a new Dragon Age)!” Or “Hey, BioWare just figured out how to get people to watch the Sony PlayStation Meeting at noon!” …Which you will be able to watch here [UPDATE: show starts at 3 PM Eastern time],  because I like traffic as much as the next fellow.

Personally, I’d rather have new Mass Effect news.  I liked Dragon Age: Inquisition, but the game engine felt… sluggish.  Aggravatingly, sometimes.  I’d rather they fixed whatever was wrong there first.


  • dan.irving says:

    “Personally, I’d rather have new Mass Effect news. ”


    … and maybe have Renegade path be more Wolverine and less Jersey Shore.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    New Mass Effect news would be good, but we already knew that the new game was coming, what, early next year?

    I would say most likely Dragon Age, but it is a bit early in their development if so, given past performance.

    Could be an entirely new IP, but they already have a medieval fantasy game, and a space opera one…

    Could this be a Playstation exclusive IP? I would hope for a new Knights game, but that would both cross streams with Disney and interfere with the ongoing Old Republic MMO.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I would get really, really, really pissed off if KOTOR went PS-exclusive.

      And then I would buy a Playstation 4, damn their eyes.

      • Aetius451AD says:

        My guess would either be a new IP or Dragon Age being console locked on Playstation. Origin is still trying to compete as well so if they went console exclusive (as in not even a PC version) it would be a problem with Origin, which I doubt EA would be kosher with.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    And as far as the engine, as far as I know, they are going to use Frostbite for the next Mass Effect as well. I did not see too many problems with the engine.

    The biggest problems I had with Inquisition was more from an overarching story perspective, but that has been true since the second game. During the first game they did a good job in setting up an epic game and overarching story: The Grey Wardens and the Blights. You had a massive backdrop against which you could play out any number of different dramas. They dropped questions about various things that added to the mystery and tension:
    What really are the Blights?
    Were they caused by the Tevinter mages entering the Golden City?
    What does the Golden City look like?
    Are there Griffins still around?

    With one game they had set up a credible setting (the world), Protagonists (the Grey Wardens), a threat (the Darkspawn.) They had also managed to sidestep, I think effectively the problem they created in the Mass Effect series- i.e. making the threat too credible, since the blights had been defeated by normal humans before the advent of the player character. Mass Effect went a bit too far with the Reapers having continued this cycle for millions of years, and I think the writers just kind of ran out of creative steam trying to figure a credible way to get the galaxy out of that mess. So, giant space faring microphones and glittery children.

    But then they decided to go in a completely different direction with DA II and III. Why? Maybe they wanted to take themselves off the ‘Epic’ path with it’s dependence on needing to motivate the overarching storyline and need to not drag it out too long when they had the opportunity to explore a lot of different story ideas. The downside of this is that then the series will have a tendency to lack narrative focus, and you piss off the fans who actually liked the idea of finding out more about the story hinted at in the first game.

    And since this has already gone long, I am not going to touch the odd story choices they started to delve into in the second game.

  • Compound says:

    Watching the PS Meeting and the big news is… enhanced features for PS4Pro, Sony’s new Playstation model designed for output to 4k and HDR displays. So, a big announcement of nothing.

    • Compound says:

      Oh, there was some gameplay footage too, none of which went beyond “move here” and “scan this” and “cut scene time.” Pretty to watch, but little of how the game will actually play other than “you have a jump pack on your suit now.”

  • Aetius451AD says:

    Hmmm, anyone else get a decidedly Halo vibe from the ME: Andromeda gameplay?

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