Tweet of the Day, I May Adopt This Rule edition.

I have no more desire to have my car door hit by a cyclist than the cyclist does to hit it, after all. God knows that somebody in this state needs to keep situational awareness up and running in traffic, because it’s for dang sure that they’re not teaching it in Maryland’s drivers’ education courses…


  • Brian Swisher says:

    Don’t know that it would help – the cyclists round here have a, shall we say, reduced sense of self-preservation.

  • acat says:

    I use a variant approach.
    When parked on a street, I look, using the side mirror, and open the door far enough that it’s obvious the door is opening – 4″ or so, which means the reflector and/or light built into the door is plainly visible to anyone approaching.
    I pause at 4″ for about a 10-count .. then finish opening the door.
    This gives warning to anyone behind me who isn’t visible in the mirror, without kinking my neck and/or contorting my spine.

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