In the Mail: The Gaean Reach.

Picked up The Gaean Reach RPG largely due to an unfortunate, yet ultimately advantageous, error originating from Pelgrane Press’s billing department.  It is a RPG based around one adventuring party’s quest for revenge, set in Jack Vance’s far-far-future science fiction setting.  I suppose that this means that I will actually have to read said series now…


  • Luke says:

    I remember liking it, but that was some 30 years ago. I don’t remember much of it, and that only vaguely, so I can’t say it left a very deep impression on me.
    (I do recall getting fired up because D&D was doing ioun stones *wrong*. But the specifics of that passionately held position elude me.)
    I wonder if the local library has copies?

  • prayerborne says:

    KARTAS claims yet more money from an unsuspecting gaming community member. I’m practically a shareholder over at Bundle of Holding, at this point…

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