Reminder: Rocky Horror Picture Show revival on Fox tonight.

It promises to be… different.  The reviews are in already, and they’re kind of horrified: the cognitive dissonance being displayed by people who have realized, belatedly, that they’re now all bourgeois and respectable is highly entertaining.  And it is admittedly odd to see the arc of this movie from ‘the very-definition-of-oddball-fringe’ to ‘Fox television special.’  For I am now bourgeois and respectable, myself – and there may be more grey in my hair than brown, these days.

Still, I will watch Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. Why?  Because Tim Curry’s in it. I’m pretty sure that he’s sicker than they’ve let on, but he wants to be in this production, dammit, and he’s going to be in it. And if he’s there, then I guess I gotta be there as well.

You can watch it here.

9 thoughts on “Reminder: Rocky Horror Picture Show revival on Fox tonight.”

  1. The Ivy Levan “Science Fiction Double Feature” video (you featured here earlier) and Tim Curry(!) tells me there’s a genuine fondness for the original in this production.

  2. As an aside, I used to listen to short fiction Sci Fi podcasts from When I went running, my Sailors (I was Navy) asked me one what I was listening to. I replied “Science Fiction Double Feature”.
    Alas, they didn’t get it. Kids these days.

  3. Cubs. Playing for the pennant.
    Granted, I’d rather watch paint dry than Rocky Horror, but not even “is it bad as I remember?” curiosity will make me briefly flip there tonight!

  4. Tried r. Lasted 6 seconds. Whatever that…was in Tim Curry’s role will haunt my dreams tonight.

  5. First the good news…the voices were good…

    I would rank it 4th in version with which I am familiar… Movie version and London Stage version (tie), Australian cast version 3d.

    Tim Curry did well, but … very bad casting of Riff Raff…it was like a bad parody of Riff Raff.

    Staging dancing to the Time Warp…pretty bad, like a group of fans attending a movie doing it on their own…

    Sweet Transvestite…wow, that was a pretty bad version. She did not have the right attitude at all.

    I can stop here…

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