9 thoughts on “My short-short story “Lay My Bones Next To Jimmy Hoffa’s.””

  1. This was really well done. Does make me want to read the full version, of course. Interesting character development available here.

  2. I remember this one when it came out in the Patreon and it stuck with me. Really great stuff.

    Seriously, if you’re not already on Moe’s Patreon…why the heck not?

    1. Likewise .. it’s quite good, it answers the age-old question of just where Jimmy’s body did end up.
      It also makes a statement about the nature of political structures, without being remotely about current events, nor particularly partisan.
      As with Bartlett above, I .. wouldn’t mind .. seeing this expanded.

      1. Well, when I wasn’t playing Skyrim. I can’t really do anything that requires conscious thought while my kid is practicing the saxophone.

      2. It would have been perfect for Jim Baen’s Galaxy, but that’s no longer an option. Alas!

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