New Skill: Fried Rice Divination [Unknown Armies].

I am not currently sure if this will even work in the new edition of Unknown Armies, but I will be sure, hopefully, by the end of the week.

Fried Rice Divination [Unknown Armies]

Fried Rice Divination [Soul]

This is what you’d call a two-stage sort of divination.  First, you need about a pint of fried rice – it can have meat in it, as long as the meat’s not shrimp – dumped into a bowl and flattened out. Then you pour a particular pattern onto the rice using soy sauce, let it soak in, and eat the entire bowl within five minutes.  That’s step one. Step two is you go to sleep and make your roll. If it succeeds, you get a minor warning or vision about the next day.  If it fails, then whatever usually happens when you eat a bowl of cheap fried rice drenched in soy sauce, happens.

The visions won’t be strong – if you’re going to die and/or win the lottery the next day, this skill won’t tell you ahead of time – but it’s a good excuse for wheedling a clue about a mystery out of your GM, deciding which lead to chase down, justifying your ability to catch an ambush just before it happens: that sort of thing.  Better and better, it’s quiet and safe.  The only problem is that you need a combined Mind and Soul of at least 120 to learn Fried Rice Divination in play, and you can’t start with it, either.  The pattern is different for every person, you see.

2 thoughts on “New Skill: Fried Rice Divination [Unknown Armies].”

  1. Mmmmm. Love fried rice.
    Any reason it wouldn’t work with tamari instead of typical americanized soy salt water?

    1. The fun thing about magic (or ‘magick’) in Unknown Armies is that nobody has any real effing clue why things work one way, but not the other. It’s actually kind of what powers magick to begin with. I look forward to next year, when people are going to be able to write fan-based stuff and still maybe get paid for it.

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