Today is N7 Day! [Bumped.]

UPDATE: Here’s the trailer.  Looks like it’s an adventure! …Which, to quote somebody or other, means that somebody else is in deep sh*t, far away.

I dunno when they’re dropping the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, but it will probably be today.  I will not lie: I am looking forward to it. And I just got my N7 hoodie back from my sister’s, so I will be appropriately dressed for the announcement.

…Well, OK, I have to take the car to the Jiffy Lube and then do groceries because we have no food in the house.  But I will be watching the announcement in spirit.  More or less.

9 thoughts on “Today is N7 Day! [Bumped.]”

  1. Of course there will be a super-special edition with an RC Mako 2.0, $200 at least.

    back to the trailer – Long-term cryo-sleep and something goes wrong? I’m shocked.

  2. Is it just me or is that Clancey Brown as the narrator? If they snagged him for a character or computer voice, that would be pretty awesome.

    Overall looked interesting, although it suffers from the “WTH is going on?” syndrome of some trailers.

  3. No one seems to have a green glowing circuit board under their skin.
    And the colonist ship was quite possibly launched as an attempt to survive the Reapers. (So, before the damned story fell apart, and all the subsequent “ending” stupidity can be safely ignored.)
    I’ll take that as a positive sign.
    I don’t automatically hate it. But I won’t be buying it on Day One, either.

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