Looks like they’re dumping Paragon/Renegade for ME: Andromeda.

Among other things, including a large hunk of what was left of the class system after ME2 and ME3 gutted it. ¬†Personally, I liked said class system, but I apparently was overruled… well. ¬†Moving on, it looks like more sandbox and sex in this puppy; also, more opportunities for BS around with your companions. Oh, and a proper Mako for once.

All in all, it looks essentially fine – being Queen of the Girl Scouts isn’t a character class; it’s a life choice – but then, I’m the kind of guy who would make sure to beat Vega in a pull-up contest¬†just to prove that I can, so I am clearly not without bias here.

3 thoughts on “Looks like they’re dumping Paragon/Renegade for ME: Andromeda.”

  1. Honestly, it sounds like you can create your own character & if it fits into one of the archetypes (Adept, Vanguard etc.) then there are some bonuses/benefits but that’s up to you. Fine by me!

  2. I’ll admit I am somewhat sad to see the Paragon system go. It was one of the hold overs from the KOTOR days. On the one hand, it largely did not serve much of a purpose. Your actions were still heroic, but either John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.

    On the other hand, I get tired of the need to make everything “morally gray maaaan.” As if that, in of itself, speaks of sophistication or realism.

    The playstyle of King of the Boy Scouts is more than that though- it speaks to heroes that are larger than life, men and women of not only physical and mental gifts but also of the Cardinal Virtues. They do and have existed, although they are few and far between. Allow people to experience that. Celebrate it.

    Maybe it would do some good.

  3. Looks encouraging.
    Although I could do with less sex. (Although it’s evidently more defensible here than Shepard schtupping his command.)

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