Supernaturally-Harvested Alchemical Derivative Zero [SHAD(0)] [GURPS]


Supernaturally-Harvested Alchemical Derivative Zero [SHAD(0)]

So it all started when medical mages discovered that, if you ritually cut away a person’s shadow from him, he gets safely knocked unconscious for a day, and needs a week and a half to recover properly (in game terms, the target’s Fatigue hits 0 for a day, and he will only regain 1 FP per day until his shadow regenerates). This was, of course, enough to revolutionize surgery: unlike the Suspended Animation spell, the procedure has no mana cost and wears off on its own.  You’ll need a specially-enchanted scalpel and some idea about where to cut, but even a non-mage can successfully perform the operation.  

Plus, you now have a detached shadow.  It will of course start to fall apart, but if promptly mixed with a particular alchemical solution and allowed to age for a week (Alchemy -3 roll) then you end up with a potion [SHAD(0)] that, when drunk, refreshes/provides a number of Fatigue points equal to the original donor’s Fatigue. If this extra Fatigue exceeds the drinker’s normal FP, the extra points go away after one hour. Note that the extra points will temporarily raise maximum FP, which is why SHAD(0) is often mixed with Chiron or other healing potions.

Using SHAD(0) is generally safe, but with restrictions.  First, you can’t divide up the stuff into 1-FP doses.  Drink it all, or lose it.  Also, there’s no way to figure out ahead of time how much FP the donor has.  And, of course: SHAD(0) tastes disgusting.

Cost: $300 per dose.


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