Also a Goodreads book giveaway: Mysterion.

Constant Reader DSCrankshaw notes that Mysterion – “an anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories that engage with Christianity from a variety of perspectives” – is also up for a Goodreads raffle.  I actually have this book on my digital pile; but you know how it is with unread books.  They taunt you with their unread state. Oh, how they taunt you. Especially when you have umpteen billion different e-readers… sorry, making an excuse for why I haven’t transferred this book to my Amazon phone yet.  Lemme go move it now…

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  • Luke says:

    Just an unsolicited recommendation…
    If you’re looking for fantasy that engages with Christianity, L. Jagi Lamplighter’s “Rachel Griffin” series is top notch.

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