Today is actually Thanksgiving for me…

…my father-in-law does Thanksgiving on Friday to allow everybody to get here in time and without undue fuss and feathers.  So I slept eleven and a half hours last night and am now ambling lazy about the compound.  There was bacon. Later, there will be roast turkey and homemade pies.  So I’m sure that you folks can carry on without me too much today.

Seriously, you should all be relaxing and eating turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches and eyeing the last of the pie anyway.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Today is actually Thanksgiving for me…”

  1. I survived Thanksgiving. It went somewhat smoother than expected [or maybe just feared]. Turkey, cornbread dressing, and a Yankee Layer Cake were eaten.
    Beer tonight.

  2. “Eyeing ‘the last of the pie’” he says You know not the ways of my people. We enjoy a proper Thanksgiving FEAST!There are still four whole pies (2 pecan, 2 pumpkin) plus probably another pie worth of odd slices at 8:30 pm Friday…
    Seriously, my entire family is neurotically terrified that there will not be ample food on Thanksgiving, so there are stupendous quantities of comestibles. We will eat these leftover until Christmas…. well, Monday, at least

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