Last chance to preorder GURPS Discworld and Mars Attacks…

…and get ’em before Christmas! I, myself, am going to have to wait for the new year – I’d feel bad about that, except that I know at least a half-dozen people who are a bit more worried about, say, seeing 2018 right now* – but there’s no reason why all y’all can’t get these two locked down in time for the holiday.  GURPS Discworld and GURPS Mars Attacks are both hotly anticipated titles this year: the first is an update of the excellent 3rd Edition version from – dear God! – 1998; and the second just promises to be good, clean, Atomic Horror B-Movie fun.

So go for it.

Moe Lane


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  • JAB says:

    I’m stealing IHTFY. Most of the celebrity deaths I don’t really care more about than any other human, but it sure seems like a lot of them. Including a few who were younger than I am, and didn’t die of suicide or other “live fast, die young” problems.

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