The somewhat brutally exasperated ‘Suicide Squad’ Honest Trailer.

I understand why, too.  I liked Suicide Squad, but DC still hasn’t gotten its stuff together yet when it comes to movies.  Which is, like Honest Trailers, I am also somewhat worried about the Wonder Woman movie.  I would very much like them to not throw away the multiple advantages that they have, going in, with that property.

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  1. I hear that Suicide Squad is a step up from the other DCEU movies, but hasn’t touched a MCU movie.
    The only “terrible bad” MCU movie is Iron Man 2 (I honestly can’t watch it) in my honest opinion. Age Of Ultron isn’t terrible bad, but I can understand the criticism and flaws.

    1. …Yeah, I’d say IM2 was probably the worst of the bunch. If only because I can’t think of anything that I really liked about it. Even Thor 2 had that one scene where Loki… well, somebody reading this still might not have seen it yet.

    2. I actually thought Iron Man 3 worse than 2. Of course, even the worst marvel movie is head and shoulders better than say, Green Lantern.

      I think the biggest thing the Marvel universe is that they seem to click with what the characters are about. Captain America, Thor even, GotG. They have managed to tap into something in all of them that people identify with and feels like when you read the comics as a kid.

      DC just seems to be kid of trying to paint by numbers the properties. Which is really sad after Nolan did so well with his Batman trilogy.

        1. People’s main (and only) beef with IM3 is the Mandarin (if you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll know what I mean). Personally, I thought that twist was absolutely brilliant.
          Also, people’s main beef with the MCU is the villains. I don’t get that, because isn’t the story the Heroes?

          1. The problem with the villains, in my opinion, is that they started off with The Red Skull and Loki. Every villain since then has paled in comparison. It’s not enough to make the movies bad, but I won’t deny that I’m going to go see the next Thor flick not least because I want to know what the Hel Loki has been up to since the last time we saw him.

  2. The bad thing is that Suicide Squad traditionally has the tightest written storylines of DC properties.
    They could have just grabbed the first handful of issues after the New 52 relaunch, and made a much better movie.
    (Kind of like the most recent Conan movie would have been much better if they’d just have adapted an REH story.)
    Wonder Woman has been so meh for so long that I expect it to suck. (Especially since the grrrl power thing islikely to be turned up to 11.)

  3. I find it odd that DC, which up to this point has been pointedly the Un-Marvel should now be trying to be Marvel. Their TV properties are doing quite well. Spin-off movies from those would probably be their best avenue…

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