Moana was good! Also, The Word of Mouse has been spoken on ‘Disney Princesses.’

Disney has decided to end the discussion, once and for all.  If your star is a girl in a dress that is carting around an animal sidekick, she is a princess.  I am pretty much quoting from Moana, here. They really did spell it out like that; I guess that the Mouse is tired of all of these shenanigans getting in the way of them moving merch.

As for the movie: excellent Golden Age science fiction space opera, although it’s a shame that they couldn’t sneak in ray-guns somehow. The soundtrack is outstanding, although the song-songs must bow to the background music.  Except for the David Bowie/Freddy Mercury/Prince tribute song in the middle – and I am neither lying about that, nor disapproving. No blood, nobody dies, kind of scary bits but nothing kids can’t handle, they’re gonna cry their eyes out during the film, so when you take the kids bring tissues.

I think that’s it.


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