Behold! @dduane’s Seed Cake…inator!

[UPDATE: It tastes fine, but next time I’m making it with poppy seeds. Caraway seeds don’t taste bad, but when they show up in American dishes it’s for savory foods, not sweet ones.]

Sorry.  Phineas and Ferb are back on the kids’ rotation.  Anyway, isn’t this nice-looking?


No idea how it tastes, yet – I’m not going to try a Hobbit-style seed cake from a recipe adapted by Diane Duane without my wife being present – but it baked up easily enough. If I have a concern, it’s the caraway seeds. Apparently there is a great debate on how many caraway seeds should be put into one of these, and this was one recipe where I followed the directions for making and cooking pretty much to the letter.  And the letters said ‘lots of caraway seeds.’

Guess we’ll see!

Moe Lane


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