Caf? [TL 12] [0 points] [GURPS]


Caf? [TL 12] [0 points]


It’s not a typo and it’s not a transcription error. Caf? is the morning drink of choice in the Age of Miracles: the ‘?’ is there to establish that the stuff does not precisely fully exist in our dimensions. It tastes marvelous, and not in a mysterious way, either. Imagine a rich, but not overpowering chocolate-vanilla contrast with an aftertaste of banana that somehow is enjoyable whether or not you like those flavors and you’re not too far off. Caf? has clearly been designed with human taste buds in mind.

Unfortunately, it was also designed with TL 12 taste buds in mind, too.  There’s a lot of stuff in Caf? that simply assumes that the person drinking it is at least at TL 10: it’s not even deliberate. Many people in TL 12 cultures have difficulty with really taking seriously the idea that somebody from, say, TL 8 are even capable of taking off an ultra-tech bottle cap.  The point is: unless you have a med-tech version of Resistant to Disease of at least TL 10, drinking Caf? will do permanent changes to your body.


Fortunately, the changes are not horrible. Mostly.  Anyone who drinks Caf? for the first time (and the first time only) should roll 1d6 to discover what permanent abilities he now has:


  1. Less Sleep 5, Night Vision 5
  2. Oracle
  3. Recovery, Single-Minded
  4. Eidetic Memory 2, Microscopic Vision 1
  5. Danger Sense
  6. Intuition


However, to compensate for this the drinker now has Weirdness Magnet (at the full -15 point level).  All of this represents the highly bizarre and effectively indescribable way that Caf? can mutate a drinker’s genetic code, atomic structure, and possibly even metaphysical signature unless the drinker is being protected by sophisticated medical ultra-tech.  Both the advantages and the disadvantage are permanent, and can only be reliably cured by TL 12 medicine. At TL 8 levels or below the drinker is advised to instead just buy a domino mask, practice his or her fisticuffs, and set forth to go fight some crime…


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  • acat says:

    As I’m already a weirdness (or wyrdness) magnet .. what have I got to lose?
    Make it a double.

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