The Patreon goals have been updated.

I’m now much more comfortable with making a 3K word count on short stories, so I’ve updated my Patreon.  Now if I hit $150/month, the short story count goes up according.  It’s a bargain! …And also a good way to generate useful stories for eventual self-publishing.

Speaking of which: if you want a good, horrified laugh then check this out. did you know that self-published writers aren’t REAL writers? …Seriously, if there is a better method of keeping me engaged and writing than letting me know that somebody out there bitterly resents EVERY DIME I SEE FROM IT, I don’t know what it is.  Aside, of course, from getting dimes from it.



  • Finrod says:

    Someone decided to get into a war of words with a bunch of independent writers?
    That’s as dumb as the columnist in the 1980s that wrote a foolish anti-hacker screed. After a number of them made his life a living hell for a month or so, he finally waved the metaphorical white flag. I don’t know if anyone from the PuffHo has that level of clue recognition, though.

  • JAB says:

    Eh, I can understand the “I spent years jumping through hoops to get where I am, you should have to also” thing. But the “anything traditionally published is superior to anything self published” idea is self serving nonsense.

  • Luke says:

    Someone needs to take this chick to a bookstore, and rub her nose in all the books written by celebrities that her vaunted gatekeepers eager embraced.

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