Adventure Seed: Galactic Discovery.


Galactic Discovery


So Humanity’s made it into interstellar space, gotten past whatever-it-is that kept us from detecting the Galactic civilization, and is now in the process of creating a vast star empire (translation: going through the lists of empty planets that can easily support human life, and colonizing the closest ones). Maybe there’s been a war or two, or just some tense diplomatic exchanges, but everything is now humming along smoothly. Or even reasonably smoothly.


And then the summons to the local sector of Galactic Court comes in the mail.

Turns out that there’s a race out there called the Gleeps — who look remarkably like Greys, surprise surprise — who want to sue Humanity for something that supposedly a lost Human civilization did to the Gleeps once, about twenty thousand years or so before the Sumerians started keeping records.  This came as a bit of a shock, since nobody sane on Earth really believed in all that ‘lost advanced civilization’ stuff; but apparently the Gleeps had enough of a case to take it to court.  Naturally, once a Human got a good enough look at a Gleep the counter-lawsuits for trespassing, kidnapping, and cruelty to animals started to show up.  Now both sides are in the process of discovery.


And that’s where the team comes in.  Somebody’s got to go investigate all those old records of crop circles and cattle mutilations. And lost continents. And crystal skulls, and Atlantean sorcerer-astronauts, and ley lines, and every other form of occult crackpottery that pre-Galactic humans believed in.  Because maybe some of that stuff isn’t crackpottery, after all. Surely at least some of the UFO reports will turn out to be true enough for a Galactic courtroom, which is really all that matters in this situation.


Just mind the Gleep teams: they’re going to be there to disprove Earth’s claims of alien interference.  Discovery, remember?  But, look on the bright side: there’s a bunch of teams over on the Gleep homeworld busily trying to prove that Atlantis never existed in the first place…


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