Tim Burton’s Dumbo.

Did that get your attention? – Because it certainly got mine. As did the possible cast: Will Smith as… no, not the elephant; as the Good Dad; and Tom Hanks as the villain.  Which I must admit: I have no idea who that would be, because we didn’t watch Disney movies growing up and I’ve been hit or miss with filling in the gaps.  All I really know about Dumbo is that the elephant can eventually fly and that there are crows in it, including one with a supremely unfortunate name. I’m going to enjoy watching Disney finesse that one away, let me tell you.


  • Phil Smith says:

    Oh, you need to see the original. Fantastic animation.

  • mikethegrate says:

    The original is worth watching, if only for the scene where Dumbo and the mouse get wasted on champagne.

  • Luke says:

    He’s definitely rewriting the script extensively.
    Dumbo’s father was no part of the movie (and since Dumbo was delivered by a stork, somewhat unnecessary).
    And there really wasn’t a villain per se. At best, society at large was the villain, but it was really more of a “man vs. nature” type of plot.

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