Great moments in gaming/Kickstarter theory, Full Frontal Nerdity style.

OK, here’s the premise: the group at Full Frontal Nerdity are going to play a game where ‘The object is to construct the game as you play.’ The board is whatever you come up with, the pieces ditto, and the rules get defined by all the players. And that’s mostly it.

[…And I’m deleting this next part, because I just realized that it wasn’t an actual witty observation about Kickstarters and indy games. It was, instead, a fairly comprehensive torpedoing of the joke behind this particular strip. Which wouldn’t have been very nice of me, especially since the joke was enough to make me laugh.]

Still, might be a fun thing to try on a weekend.  With players who aren’t like the ones at Full Frontal Nerdity.

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