Blasphemous Tomes: The Cernan/Evans Transcript (Annotated)

Blame this, and particularly this:


Blasphemous Tomes: The Cernan/Evans Transcript (Annotated)

[Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu]

Language: English; Mythos Gain: +1; SAN Loss: 0/1; Study Time: one week; Grants Skill Checks in: History and Occult

A heavily-annotated printout (circa 1987 or so) of the conversation between astronauts Eugene Cerman and Ronald Evans on the Moon, highlighting the song sung by the two astronauts while on the Moon’s surface itself.  The entire printout was classified SECRET (ALUMINUM BANDICOOT) on February 13, 1993 and packed in a standard government folder.

The conversation is not particularly interesting, from a Mythos perspective: but the annotations were apparently generated by a person or persons (the handwriting style changes at least three times throughout the annotations, at least once while the pen was still on the paper) who understood a remarkable amount about hyper-geometry, the worship of Hecate, medieval Arabic, and the publishing history of Willis Woodward & Co. of New York.  Actually looking up the numerous references and trying to make sense of them will be the event that triggers the Cthulhu Mythos roll: most of the documents referenced have been on the Internet since pretty much the release of Mosaic.

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