The ‘Prey’ gameplay Trailer.

In case you were wondering what Bethesda was doing instead of the next Elder Scrolls or a Fallout DLC that strips you down to your underwear and sticks you somewhere dangerous*. Comes out May 5, and I’m wondering just how much gameplay there’s going to be in this thing. I mean, there’s a limit to how big a space station is likely to be a mere twenty years from now, right? ¬†Unless we suddenly figure out how to get a lot of stuff into orbit cheaply, and I mean cheaply**.

Moe Lane

*Seriously: it was weird, the way that they went back to that well in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. And Skyrim, come to think of it.

**OK, sorry. Looked at Wikipedia, and it turns out that this is an alternate universe with a divergence point in the 1960s. Fair enough.

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  • Luke says:

    It really depends on how closely it hews to the original it’s reimagining.
    In the original, you encounter familiar environments that have been sucked up by a huge alien ship. (Not to mention small planetoids where the gravity does wonky things.)
    Since it’s Arkane of Dishonored fame, I expect it’ll be linear, but with dozens of ways and routes to attack each level. (As opposed to the full-bore open world of Bethesda proper.)

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