Yet another tooth-grinding trailer for ‘Life.’

OK, class: who can tell me what’s wrong with this picture from the upcoming aliens-eating-you-in-orbit movie Life?


That’s right, class: FIRE.  That is a device that creates fire.  On a space station.  And somebody thought that it was a good idea to haul that mass up a gravity well*.  Fire does not belong on a space station.  Aside from everything else, it eats the oxygen that your astronauts will be needing, and you cannot crack a window to let more oxygen in. Because it’s space.

Dear God, but this is the same industry that gave us Arrival.

Moe Lane

*Note to Hollywood: if you want NASA to be able to put into orbit all the crap that you apparently need to have to have a horror/suspense flick in space, then you should start boosting (heh) something like Orion.

12 thoughts on “Yet another tooth-grinding trailer for ‘Life.’”

  1. Heh heh heh. Fire’s cool.
    Shut up, Beavis.
    Ignorance+ego is a pretty common Hollywood problem.
    My touchstone example is the Conan movie from a few years back. You’d have thought that someone among the producers, writers, director, and actors would have bothered to read the source material. But they obviously didn’t.

  2. There was a ‘Conan’ movie a few years back? I assume something more recent than the Schwarzenegger one from mumbledy-something years ago? Who knew!?

  3. Always nice to see Project Orion get some love- even in a footnote. Sure, it was insane. But it was by God American big thinking insane!

    1. In the Starfire novels, Orion engines are used to sterilize a planet full of telepathic, man-eating spider-things with asteroids. It was incredibly effective, but very time consuming, and they wanted to finish exterminating those abominations as quickly as possible.

  4. Either Deep Impact or Armageddon completely broke my immersion by having a crew member go nuts and then START SHOOTING EVERYONE WITH THE MACHINE GUN THAT HAPPENED TO BE ONBOARD.
    At least, that’s what I remember.

    1. Having GMed space campaigns, it’s amazing how many players think that’s a good idea. And will go through any number of contortions to make it happen. Including spending character points.
      It’s especially entertaining when they try to use them in microgravity while EVA.

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