Location Seed: Salamander’s Firebreeze Resort.

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Salamander’s Firebreeze Resort


It startles some people when they find out that there’s a luxury resort that’s exclusively for fire elementals. First off, there are people who do not actually know that there are fire elementals. I mean, it’s obviously not a secret, or anything: but apparently some parents don’t teach their kids the facts about elementals of various sorts, and since there are various treaties in place that forbid the videotaping of regular, law-abiding supernatural entities (or otherwise determining their True Names) some people can go twenty, thirty years without ever actually getting the head’s-up.  Weird how folks can get bubbled, huh?

Moving on: Salamander’s Firebreeze Resort is located inside the Hualālai volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, and it is the vacation spot of choice for high-status fire elementals.  It should be noted that to salamanders an active volcano has the same connotations as ‘ski resort’ would have for humans: fire elementals come to it for various cold-weather (equivalent!) sports and competitions, not to sun themselves on the beach. To give you an idea: the picture found in the link above is actually the equivalent of an outdoor heated pool (it’s also exceptionally salacious and potentially scandal-inducing, at ‘tabloid paparazzi’ levels).


But nobody goes to Firebreeze just for the cross-country magma.  As was previously stated, elementals have their own social and economic hierarchies, and this resort is one of the places where they go to relax.  Or have conferences. Or quasi-diplomatic summits. Humans can actually visit — there are certain spells and enchantments that can allow us to survive the experience — but generally speaking human authorities leave the place alone unless some of Salamander’s hotel staff needs help with something.  Which would be… right now, actually.
You see, there’s been a murder.

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