I am contemplating reviving an old In Nomine project.

No, not the kind of infamous Tattered Symphony one from WAY back in the day: it was a group effort, the files are scattered and I don’t remember who wrote some of them, and to be honest parts of it aged hideously (it was mostly done pre-9/11, which should give you a hint). What I was actually thinking of was my half-developed Matter of Poughkeepsie; I think that I could maybe finish it, because who knows when new In Nomine content is coming out?  Mind you, this would be strictly for fun, and for when I’m not working on stuff for money*. Which is less time than I’d like.

Thoughts, folks?  It’s for a game system that most of my regular readers don’t even play, to be honest. That might make it not really cost-effective to do, alas.

Moe Lane

*I’m confident that I can’t put any of it – or other licensed material – on Patreon, and I’m not going to even try.

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  • MichaelN21209 says:

    I’d certainly be interested — you know how I feel about In Nomine. I agree that the financial side is not promising, though.

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