The not-WEG’s long-awaited Galaxy Guide 13: Rogue One RPG supplement.

Hey, did you enjoy seeing those pictures of the Rogue One crew that were drawn in West End Games’ Star Wars RPG’s style?

Well, guess what: artist Darren Calvert asked WEG alumnus Eric Trautmann to stat up the pictures for the old game.  Trautmann scoffed at the very idea of doing that, of course.  I mean, geez, if you’re going to do something like this then the very least you need to have there would be full bios and a reproduction of WEG’s original layout. So: The Wholly Unofficial Galaxy Guide 13: Rogue One.  And it is a lovely, nostalgic thing to see. Not quite a full Galaxy Guide, but that’s a fraught situation.

Moe Lane

PS: It is a shame that they probably can’t revive the D6 Star Wars.  Maybe if somebody explained to the Mouse that the fans will cheerfully shell out money for all of the Star Wars RPGs, forever?


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