Quote of the Day, This Is Great News About The Cyberpunk Video Game edition.

Creator Mike Pondsmith is actively working with CD Projekt Red on the Cyberpunk 2077 game:

“My wife told me that these guys in Poland wrote to us and said they wanted to do a Cyberpunk game,” says Pondsmith. “They told me that the game was really important to them back in the Iron Curtain days – back then, they had Cyberpunk and communism. What impressed us was not just their capabilities and their well-organized toolsets, but that they knew and loved the material. I said, let’s do this thing.”

“I go over there pretty regularly,” says Pondsmith. “I’ll probably go back in the next couple of months. I’m in a room with a hundred people, all firing ideas back and forth. We jump up and down on the systems and see how well they work. I really got lucky.”

Also: mayyyyybe more tabletop Cyberpunk.  That could be a thing.

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