I have sent out emails to people interested in my Fall of Delta Green playtest.

If you did not get one, or you did not show an interest then but you are interested now, please let me know.  We’ll be doing it via at night and on Google Hangouts (hopefully this weekend), you will not need to be familiar with the GUMSHOE system, and you will not need to know more about Fall of Delta Green past the standard ‘Cthulhu Mythos meets X-Files, set in Vietnam.’  Character and one-page rules sheets will be provided.  If I get enough people interested, I will split them up into groups and run multiple sessions.


  • JAB says:

    So, any news on this? I’m guessing if you feel like doing it, it’ll happen on Saturday, based on some of the responses. But it’d be nice to know, so I can formally unblock Sunday.

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