Greetings from the plague pit.

I’m fairly certain that every single member of my family is currently down with a different disease or injury.  My wife’s stuffed up, my elder kid’s coughing, my younger kid’s grouchy and off his feed, and I apparently have tendinitis.  Heck, even the cat’s got something weird going on with his kidney function.

Hence the quarantine sign on the door (no, I didn’t put a quarantine sign on the door). Personally, I’d like to lie about and be wretched, but somebody’s got to get the groceries and whatnot, and apparently I can deal with my condition well enough with a variety of pills.  Whine whine whine, moan moan, complain complain, whine…

5 thoughts on “Greetings from the plague pit.”

  1. That doesn’t sound fun at all.
    Hope your family gets well soon, and speaking from recent personal experience, don’t push yourself too far or you might make your current condition worse or exhaust yourself to the point where you catch what everyone else has, only worse.

    And on that cheery note…

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