Adventure Seed: Avenging the Cores.

I’ll be honest with you: I have no idea why somebody would flat-out steal an entire research facility.  Fortunately, when you have the right kind of players, you don’t need a reason. You just pick the one that your players like best and run with it.  This is Secret GM Knowledge: feel free to feel honored by it.

Avenging the Cores – Google Docs

Avenging the Cores

Somebody has kidnapped the Austin Core Research Center. For those that don’t know, said center is a part of the University of Texas’s Bureau of Economic Geology; it’s a storage / research facility for core samples taken from well drillings.  Which is a very useful resource for geologists and engineers to have, yes, but it’s not exactly something that you’d expect to be kidnapped.  And ‘kidnapped’ is the right word: the entire building has been removed, right down to the foundation (fortunately and oddly, the cleaning staff was left behind).

Why, yes, it would be nice to know how that trick was handled.

Fortunately, the kidnapping took place in the middle of the night, and the appropriate bureaus were even alerted to the event by the kidnappers, which means that the standard ‘toss up a fake building shell and claim there’s a radon leak’ stratagem could be successfully deployed.  And it was made aware to us that the kidnappers plan to return the building in due time, as long as everybody kept their mouth shut and covered things up like good little Men in Black.  Presumably that was meant to be a bone tossed our way.


…Well, this organization has not had a successful and meritorious career keeping objective reality on something approaching an even keel by barking like trained seals on command. So. Find out who did this. Find out why they did this.  If it wasn’t for a good reason, stop whatever it is that they’re doing.  If it was for a good reason, take over the project and make sure it’s done properly.  Either way, make sure that the people involved understand that it’s unwise to aggravate the Illuminati.


Yes, you may shout a little while administering that understanding.  Within reason, of course. Use your discretion.

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  • stevemaley says:

    Proof that I am missing the “gamer” lobe between my medulla oblongata and my cerebral cortex. Because you know that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark? This would be like stealing *that*. With the possible exception of the Lost Ark.

    Proof of my Mad Gamer Skillz: You really want to develop hotels on Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky Avenue. I figured out that one myself.

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