Johnny Cyclops And the Radioactive Boars [IN NOMINE]

People kept emailing me about the radioactive boars.  So… all right. I’ll write about them.


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Johnny Cyclops And the Radioactive Boars


This is the hot new band in the Eastern European scene — at least, it will be, as soon as the final adjustments and tweaks get made.  “Johnny Cyclops and the Radioactive Boars” is technically a British rock band with heavy punk influences and an attitude to match, but lead singer Johnny Cyclops (so named because he only has one eye) is of Greek ancestry, and apparently has the knack of writing and belting out songs that resonate with quite a bunch of people in the Balkans. Doesn’t hurt that they’re all fairly multilingual, either.  The region is going to love these guys.

Which is, of course, the idea.  Contrary to popular belief (for a given value of ‘popular’), the forces of Hell do not control every aspect of the entertainment industry.  Not even Nybbas (Demon Prince of the Media) can check out all of the people playing music, or even all of the popular bands out there. So, if Heaven is careful, they can slip in the occasional ringer.


Hence Johnny Cyclops and the Radioactive Boars.  Johnny is a new Saint of the Wind on his first assignment back on the corporeal plane: the Radioactive Boars are all angels serving War, Divine Fire, and Stone.  Their job is to, well, go on a lot of tours in an area of the world where bad stuff goes down on a regular basis.  If some of that stuff happens where they’ll notice it, well, the band can either call it in, or handle it themselves. The Radioactive Boars are fairly good at handling it themselves.


The band is as follows. Note that all of them have most of the languages spoken in the Balkans at level/3, and that the celestials have Roles at level/3 and vessels at level/2.


Johnny Cyclops (Lead Singer, Keyboards)

Saint of the Wind

Corporeal Forces: 2 Strength 2 Agility 6

Ethereal Forces: 2 Intelligence 4 Precision 4

Celestial Forces: 3 Will 6 Perception 6

Attunements: Blessed, Passage

Skills: Detect Lies/3, Dodge/6, Driving/1, Emote/6, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Balkan History/4, Byzantine History/4, European History/4, Classical Era History/4, Religious History/4), Large Weapon/3, Lying/6, Move Silently/1, Musical Instrument/3 (keyboards), Ranged Weapon/3, Savoir-Faire/3, Singing/6

Songs: Thunder/3, Shields (All/3)


Johnny is a new-minted Saint of the Wind who got fast-tracked to this job.  He is not actually one-eyed (although his on-stage persona wears a patch); his nickname is a possibly indiscreet reference to his mortal self, who was indeed a larger-than-life, one-eyed terror to his students (but in a good way, which is why he’s in Heaven).  He sings.  Sometimes he plays the keyboard. And he’s always watching for trouble.


Jack the Mack (Drums)

Ofanite of War

Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength 8 Agility 8

Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence 6 Precision 6

Celestial Forces: 3 Will 6 Perception 6

Attunements: Ofanite of War, Proficiency (Large Weapon)

Skills: Detect Lies/1, Dodge/6, Emote/2, Fighting/6, Large Weapon/6, Musical Instrument/6 (Drums), Ranged Weapon/3, Singing/1

Songs: Motion (All/3), Shields (All/3)

As his friend Terence might say: Jack hits the thing with the other thing.  And then he hits the thing with the other thing again.


Bennie the Bear (Bass Guitar)

Cherub of Stone

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength 6 Agility 6

Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence 10 Precision 6

Celestial Forces: 3 Will 6 Perception 6

Attunements: Cherub of Stone, Cold Touch

Skills: Detect Lies/1, Dodge/6, Emote/3, Fighting/4, Knowledge (The War/6, The Forces of Hell/3), Large Weapon/6, Musical Instrument/1 (base guitar), Singing/1, Small Weapon/6, Tactics/3.

Songs: Shields (All/6)

Bennie is very large, very strong, very calm, very amiable in that way that people who are very large and very strong are encouraged to be, and extremely smart.


Barbara ‘Barbed’ Hamilton (Lead Guitar, Backup Singer)

Malakite of Fire

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength 6 Agility 6

Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence 6 Precision 6

Celestial Forces: 4 Will 10 Perception 6

Attunements: Malakite of Fire, Smite

Skills: Detect Lies/6, Dodge/3, Emote/6, Fighting/3, Large Weapon/3, Medicine/3, Musical Instrument/3 (guitar), Ranged Weapon/3, Singing/3

Songs: Healing (All/3), Shields (All/3)

Barbed is already having so much fun with this assignment that she’s starting to wonder when Dominic will swoop in and stop any more fun from happening.  When Dominic does eventually swoop in — to assign one of his Servitors to be the band manager — Barbed will be pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t so much worse, but then start plotting against the band manager anyway.  But not too seriously.  Just enough so that Judgement doesn’t think that War is getting soft.


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