New Bundle of Holding: Changeling: The Lost.

I dunno. I liked White Wolf’s first edition Changeling, not least because it was really more (as somebody in my gaming crowd put it) World of Insufficient Light than World of Darkness.  I assume that Changeling: The Lost ‘rectifies’ that ‘error.’ Which makes it less appealing to me. Perhaps not to you folks, though.

Now, if they want to give me first edition Mage: The Ascension, we can discuss that further. I always wanted to run that Technocracy-as-good-guys game…


  • JAB says:

    In Changeling: The Lost, the characters aren’t lesser fae, cut off from the Realms of Faerie, as in the first. Instead, you’re beings who were kidnapped as infants, used as slave labor or [ahem] other roles, and then freed or escaped. Haven’t played it, don’t have a set of the rules, don’t want it.

    Now, Space:1889 on the other hand…

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