The remarkably brutal “Beauty and the Beast” Honest Trailer.

And not just the obvious stuff, either.  There’s some implications about being a sentient piece of housewares that you will not consider until after you see this trailer, and you may not be all that happy about having those implications brought to your attention.  Kids’ movies can go to weird places.



  • Belcatar says:

    That’s one of the funniest Honest Trailer’s I’ve seen. Thanks for putting it up. How on earth did Angela Landsbury have time to pop out all of those children and still run the castle?

  • mgarbowski says:

    I have long maintained that Belle is the least admirable Disney Princess. Gaston and the Beast, as this honest trailer points out, are equally despicable when she meets them. Except Gaston has a job and an employee while the Beast is minor royalty who lives off his inheritance, with serfs. The Beast treats all visitors like crap and gets cursed as a result, and mopes and gives into despair even though his entire servant staff is cursed as well — through his fault — and stays cheerful. Yet Belle picks the Beast because, royalty, castle, money, serfs. She says she wants a less provincial life and sings a song denigrating the town she lives in, which is filled with small business owners, but then chooses to live in a dark secluded forest with serfs. Because she gets to be the boss, wear a pretty dress, and dance with the lord of the castle. She says nobody in town reads yet the town supports a bookstore. The bookstore owner lets her borrow books like he’s a damn library which means somebody else in the town must be buying books. Yet she still has contempt for him. I could go on.
    NB: Every time I have brought this up I get dirty looks, and not just from 7-8 year olds in princess dresses.

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