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The Six Terrible Books of Earth


These books are banned by every human nation on Yrth, both Christian and Muslim.  But somebody keeps printing them; and no matter how often the Ministry of Serendipity burns the Books, there’s always another popping up.  Usually just before something explodes, or burns down, or sees an uptick in Mob violence.  The average mage of Yrth reacts to the Six Terrible Books of Earth the same way that an Arkham professor reacts to a Mythos tome, and for the exact same reason: they inexorably corrupt the status quo.  Thankfully, they’re all written in English, which is difficult for Anglish and Arabic speakers to understand.

  • The Wealth of Nations and Capital: Critique of Political Economy. These two tomes are typically found together.  Acolytes of one generally loathe the other’s cultists, and vice versa. Meanwhile, the nobility of Yrth find both of these Books almost as frightening as Don Quixote.
  • The Origin of Species. This Book is typically the one that would be least restricted on its mere merits: after all, every sage on Yrth is well aware that there are multiple worlds, with multiple species inhabiting them.  But the Book has an evil reputation as being a creator of atheists; and that makes it a perilous book to have in one’s possession indeed.
  • Don Quixote. Possession of this Book by any commoner is grounds for a charge of high treason.  No exceptions.  The nobility of Yrth have found copies of it in the aftermath of far too many peasant revolts and city uprisings.
  • Micrographia and Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.  These two books are invariably found in the possession of the dangerous underground engineers.  Which is to say: the ones who know what they’re doing.  The ones who know how to leave traps that can bypass magical protections.  The ones who seem determined to kill enough mages to make the rest of them leave the underground engineers alone. But that doesn’t worry the mages of Yrth as much as the persistent rumor that the Mathematical Principles is also available in a strange, but easily understandable, dialect of Latin…


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