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Dwarfrest Cats


This attractive breed of domestic cat, despite the name, has spread quite a ways from the Dwarven retirement community of Dwarfrest County (old Dwarves typically have respiratory and bone issues that make aboveground river valleys with good sunlight attractive to them). Dwarfrest Cats can be distinguished by their short tails, narrower bodies, and oversized ears; their fur is rich and thick, with colors ranging from dark grey to black. Their whiskers, while not truly retractable, are arranged in a way that they can be slightly extended at need.  Both the sight and the hearing of a Dwarfrest Cat is phenomenal.

Dwarfrest Cats are much more social than other domestic cats, in that they readily form hunting packs and hunt cooperatively (including with dogs and humans).  They are also remarkably amiable towards most humanoid species: even Orcs and Kobolds make pets of them, as Dwarfrest Cats are excellent nocturnal and underground hunters of vermin. It requires a good deal of work to make this breed lash out at a humanoid.
Unfortunately, Dwarfrest Cats are also rather susceptible to magic, and do not react at all well to it.  Non-mages find them to be excellent domestic and working animals; mages learn quickly to not cast spells in the same room as a Dwarfrest Cat.  Even the most hardened, cold-blooded sorcerer will still  feel guilt at the sound of all that piteous meowing…

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  • Luke says:

    Every tavern and inn needs one!
    Not that I’d ever take advantage of the social space for magical mischief. (Struggles to keep a straight face)

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