Nacreous (Celestial, 3/level) [In Nomine]

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Nacreous (Celestial, 3/level)


Demons with Nacreous must be careful about how often they use their resonance on the same target.  Every resonance roll after the first one, on the same person, is at a penalty equal to (Discord level); Djinn instead take a penalty on removing their attunement equal to (Discord level). Lilim do not get the penalty for assessing Needs, but if they try to harvest multiple Geas at once, the second and higher Geas will be subject to the penalty. This penalty persists for (Discord level) days: this makes Nacreous a problem for Shedim in particular.

Nacreous is strictly Infernal-only, although theoretically a Cherub or a Bright Lilim could suffer from it. They just… don’t.  Interestingly, the Game considers Nacreous an excellent punishment for unambitious demons, as it forces them to do their jobs without leaning on their resonances.  A demon with Nacreous will still get in trouble for having it, but not as much as for other, less useful, Discords.


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