This article was originally about a 14th century cookbook.

It looked promising.

King Richard II’s recipe book to go online

A 14th-century recipe book compiled by King Richard II’s master cooks is to put online for the first time to give modern-day chefs an insight into the delicacies of the Middle Ages.

In fact, the story’s from 2008.  There’s been a rash of that lately, huh?  People putting up stuff that happened years ago, I mean.  Or maybe I’m just noticing it for the first time.  I only mention this because usually when a post collapses like this, about twenty minutes into working on it, I just shrug, delete everything, and leave a cryptic note.  Let this be a Dread Revelation to all of you folks; doing it that way is more interesting than simply surveying the collapse and wreckage of what had promised at first to be a towering epic of snark.

So now you know.


  • Freddie Sykes says:

    I think that I will wait until it comes out on YouTube.

  • acat says:

    It’s been years and many miles, but I *think* you (Moe) were the inspiration to track down a 12th-century apple pie recipe one Thanksgiving ..
    The filling was excellent, the crust .. was not.
    Turns out, back in the day, the crust was mostly to protect the filling while in the rather primitive wood-fired ovens.. and was often simply fed to the peasants/dogs/hogs …

  • Luke says:

    And sadly, no link to the actual book.
    (Much to the relief of my progeny, I’m sure.)

  • JAB says:

    There are several 17th century cookbooks out there. Don’t see any 14th century ones though.

    For example:

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