Tweet of the Day, OK, After THIS I’m Done edition.

This being:

I had not, in fact, seen this one. ¬†And when I clicked I wasn’t expecting much. Now I’m just yelling at the screen¬†Sing the whole thing! Sing all of the words! SING THEM ALL!

Seriously, though, it’s a great medley and it’s off of this album. Thank God I have a birthday coming up next Tuesday…

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, OK, After THIS I’m Done edition.”

  1. Are drinking songs still a thing(they clearly should be)? Maybe I’m just going to the wrong pubs….

  2. Ok, I’m a few days out on this, but knowledge me if anyone can – where are the melodies coming from – I know the words are Tolkien’s but I can’t recall any sheet music in his copious notes.

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